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Chef Harry

Being from Nepal, Chef Hari Chapagain, is very excited to share Nepalese cuisine to the world along with the cuisine of his neighboring country, Índia. Hari worked in his family’s restaurant in Spain for almost 7 years and had new experiences in a luxury restaurant in Lisbon which gave him the encouragement to transform his dream restaurant ‘OVEN’ into reality. Keeping the authenticity of the flavors, Hari made sure to respect the origins of the oriental cuisine, making it more innovative in gastronomy market, introducing a fusion approach by bringing together different elements and cooking methods in each dish.

Traditional Tandoor

Oven Introduces the traditional Tandoor all the way from India to Downtown Lisbon, in which the temperature can approach 300-400 degrees and it is common for them to remain lit for long periods of time to allow high temperature cooking. This traditional approach of cooking, not only makes food taste delicious but fresh and healthy at the same time.



The history of the Oven also known as `Tandoor’ takes us back to 5000 years of civilizations of ancient India. Since Oven is used to cook Indian foods, it made perfect sense to name the restaurant after something so important in Indian kitchen.

Showcasing the finest Indian and Nepalese cuisine, Oven pays tribute to the old traditional flavors with a unique fusion that characterize Chef Hari Chapagain´s signature. The concept of the restaurant is to make people feel like they are experiencing a meal in Nepal or India, whether it be through the food, drinks, the interior, music, or the whole atmosphere.

Himalayan Rose Curry


Mix of rich creamy sauce & minced meat topped with tandoori chicken
Fish Banquet


Seabass with a flavour of sesame in a creamy sauce, oven spices & garnished with fresh herbs
Lamb Shank Biryani


Slowly cooked Lamb Shank prepared with homemade spices served with aromatic basmati rice with flavor of saffron, dry fruits & spices

Oven’s special main menu

Oven’s special grill

Rack of Lamp Chop


Marinated Lamb Chop with aromatic Nepalese spices, cooked in the traditional oven served with sweet & sour vegetables
Mixed Grill


Served in sizzling plate with king prawn, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, safari & curry sauce
Pahadi Chicken


Marinated with herbs & spices, served with madras curry sauce
Duck Marget


Marinated with Nepalese herbs & spices, barbecued in over-flaming tandoori, served with sweet & sour vegetables



Golden stone


Chicken safari, madras


Garlic chilly king prawn


Oven restaurant

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